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The Syrian Automobile Club highlights the spirit of the team And team performance in a training course

Under the supervision of international experts .. Syrian Automobile Club holds a training course Model for the organizers of the Syrian motor sport in cooperation with the International Automobile Federation

To demonstrate the value of safety measures and their role in reducing traffic accidents Car Club Organizes "Try It Yourself" Campaign "Moments May Save Lives"

Make Roads Safe

Road traffic fatalities and injuries are a major public health and development issue. More than 1.2 million people have been killed and up to 50 million injured each year. The vast majority of victims occur in middle- and low-income countries. Is a global leader in road safety and enables innovative injury prevention and pilot projects. The FIA Foundation has helped our call to make the roads safe.

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Syrian Automobile Club Services

International Market License

It is issued only by the Syrian Automobile Club (the sole representative of the FIA) under the Geneva Convention of 1949. This license authorizes the owner of the license to drive on the territory of all signatories to the Convention except for the country in which the license was issued, namely, the Syrian Arab Republic. It is valid for one year from the date of issue or until the end of the license period of the local license, whichever is earlier. Required to obtain an international driver's license: A copy of the Syrian driver's license, Copy of personal identity, Picture number (2), Name in foreign language according to passport, Subscription fee (20000) SP, International holidays are received one week after receipt of the application.

Note :

It is possible to export an international certificate to holders of non-Syrian certificates with the change of item (4) to become the registration fee (25000) Syrian pounds and ask for a copy of the passport of the applicant license.

Customs Traffic Book

Required to issue the customs passage book (the pilot) A picture of the mechanics of the car. Copy of the owner's passport. Copy of the passport of the drivers of the vehicle if any. The subscription fee is determined by the type of book and car.

International Mechanics

Required for International Mechanics: A picture of the mechanics of the car Customs declaration 6 b Copy of the owner's passport Subscription fee (25000) SP.

Note :

All prices listed above are subject to changeability as per the decision of the management of the Syrian Automobile Club.

Maintenance of License

Maintenance of License

Maintenance of License At The Syrian Automobile club

Maintenance of License At The Syrian Automobile club All officials, and volunteers, members of the Syrian Automobile Club must make every effort to maintain their license(s) in each calendar year. Officials who fail to do so will result in their license being downgraded or revoked. Officials who have failed to maintain their license for two consecutive years will be downgraded one level lower than the held license. Maintenance of license: To maintain a license in any grade the official needs to participate in 5 events during a period of 18 months, this participation should be in a position that it suitable to the level of the license held. Any training session that is attended by an official will be considered as attending an event. In addition to the above conditions for maintaining the license, each official should attend the safety trainings (basic life support, extrication, and firefighting) that is related to His/her level of license every 2 years to keep his/her skills updated.

Syrian Automobile Club Policy

Syrian Automobile Club Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy of the Syrian Automobile club

The management of the Syrian Automobile Club is committed to providing a work environment in which all individuals (officials, volunteers, competitors and audience) are treated with respect, dignity and sportsmanship ethics. Discrimination maybe relate to any form of gender, religion, and ethnic or believes Harassments and discrimination will not be tolerated from any person in the workplace (offices, circuits and fields). Every one of the officials, volunteers, competitors must be dedicated to preventing workplace harassment. Officials, volunteers, competitors are expected to uphold this policy, and will be held accountable by the SAC Management and under Syrian law courts. This policy is not intended to limit or constrain the reasonable exercise of management functions in the workplace as some work functions would generally not be considered as harassments or Discriminations. Officials, volunteers, competitors are encouraged to report any incidents of discrimination via reporting recognized reporting lines. As for If this was considered inappropriate, it should Report directly to the Syrian Automobile Club's Board of Directors. Management will investigate and deal with all concerns, complaints, or incidents of harassment or Discriminations in a fair and timely manner with highly Respect for privacy. Nothing in this policy prevents or discourages anyone from making a complaint within one year of the last alleged incident neither the right to exercise any other legal avenues that may be available.

Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the officials, volunteers, competitors in The Syrian Automobile club


As officials, volunteers, competitors in the Syrian Automobile Club and representatives during the races and abroad, we consider them personally and collectively to Support and promote the highest possible standards of ethical and professional behavior and professional. Therefore, everyone should refrain at all times and circumstances from any actions which may be considered misconduct and act counter. Integrity and commitment and sports ethics The club supports its reputation in work during national and international events and reputation on the performance of the officials, volunteers, competitors and their actions. The club expects from the officials, volunteers, competitors to abide by the following: Carry out all their duties and functions during races with high professionalism and sportsmanship ethic. Maintain a high level of interaction between all the officials, volunteers, competitors in all their relationships within the club and during the races moral level practical and ethical level during races. Optimal use of resources who bear the responsibility. Maintaining the efficiency of the work of all the club's property and equipment used by the officials, volunteers, and competitors during races. Not to misuse the club's logo or the official name of the club (written or drawings) for Personal unrelated purposes. Represent the club positively at all times in all places. Misconduct and misbehavior refrain all officials, volunteers, competitors from any actions which may be considered in the misconduct or conduct counter. Report violations if any member of the officials, volunteers, competitors show that there is any doubt or suspicion regarding the violation of the Code of Conduct, He/she should report these doubts and suspicions through reporting recognized reporting lines. As for If this was considered inappropriate, it should Report directly to the Syrian Automobile Club board of Directors.



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