To demonstrate the value of safety measures and their role in reducing traffic accidents Car Club Organizes "Try It Yourself" Campaign "Moments May Save Lives"

As part of the contribution of the Syrian Automobile Club to the World Traffic Safety Campaign launched by the United Nations in cooperation with the International Federation of Motor Vehicles and the World Health Organization, the club organizes, over three days, experiments and practical applications of safety procedures under the title "Moments may save lives" Damascus from 25 to 29 June. The event includes practical experiments and applications on the importance of seat belt use, especially for children where parents experience driving in front of their children to demonstrate the value of seatbelt use and its role in mitigating the effects of accidents. "This event comes within the framework of the club's plan for the traffic safety campaign in Syria," said Hani Shaaban, general sports supervisor at the Syrian Automobile Club. "We aim to build a generation that is aware and aware of the importance of safety procedures in the country. To the desired result. "Next year we will go to schools and we will cooperate with the Ministry of Education regarding the inclusion of the principles of leadership and the importance of using safety conditions, which are simple, but we have avoided fatal accidents. He said that the experience is the basis to convince people of the importance of using the seat belt, which we are applying today to children to contribute in their role in the future in raising awareness of others on this issue. Khalid Attassi, director of the sports office at the club said that the aim of the campaign is to reduce traffic accidents and alleviate the social and physical damage caused by these incidents and raise the awareness of the youth generation and the development of traffic laws and modernization of pedestrian corridors and roads. Atassi called for the cooperation of all with the ideas of this campaign, especially the public and private bodies through the provision of material and moral support for the success of the national and social campaign in this regard. Wael Mahmoud, who followed the activities of the campaign, thanked the efforts of the Syrian Automobile Club to raise awareness of traffic and alert to simple but influential issues that may save lives. Mahmoud said that traffic safety procedures should be transformed into a culture in the Syrian society in order to avoid the negative effects of accidents and the consequent human and material losses. In turn, Emad Snaqer, Director of Media at the Syrian Automobile Club, praised the positive role of the Syrian media in following up the campaign and covering its activities, stressing that it is the main partner for the success of the Syrian Automobile Club's mission in Syria in all sports, social and tourism fields. On January 3, the Syrian Automobile Club launched the Traffic Safety Campaign in Syria, which is a continuation of the 10-year global campaign launched by the United Nations under the slogan "Contract of Action for Road Safety" The campaign aims to save five million car accident victims around the world over the next ten years by implementing a number of procedures, perceptions, ideas and awareness campaigns, particularly in the areas of car laws, safety systems, roads and, in particular, traffic awareness. Awareness programs for a number of Syrian schools and universities in cooperation with a number of competent ministries and through the State Committee for Traffic Safety and then include this campaign in the curriculum for 2013 and 2014. The first phase also includes the launch of this campaign in public places and companies, working with the relevant ministries to improve the reality of the pedestrian corridors and developing traffic laws, in addition to supporting road projects and benefiting from the experience of the Italian car club which supervised this study in most European countries.