Under the supervision of international experts .. Syrian Automobile Club holds a training course Model for the organizers of the Syrian motor sport in cooperation with the International Automobile Federation

For three days, the Syrian Automobile Club organized a model training course in cooperation with the International Federation of Motor Vehicles (FIA) and under the supervision of European experts in training and training, with the participation of a large group of club cadres and members in various disciplines. The course comes within the strategy of the club to qualify national cadres within a well-planned plan developed by the administration to reach the highest levels of qualification and training in all areas related to motor sports. The courses were divided into two phases over a period of three days. The first was to train the race managers of all types and the arbitration committees for each type of race. The second was to train the stage officials, safety officers, time officers and technical examiners. The courses were attended by more than 60 managers and volunteers Cars in Syria. The course was attended by theoretical lectures and practical applications, in which Susan Sanders and Peter Lauten, international experts accredited to the International Federation of Motor Sports, presented a detailed presentation of the latest international methods of organizing tournaments and rallies. In her lectures, Suzanne Sanders spoke about the standard procedures used to deal with serious accidents occurring during the medical and administrative stages and stages of the accident, indicating the importance of the safety measures taken by motorists prior to the beginning of the race through planning the site or track, Marshal and ensure the safety conditions and mechanisms of rapid intervention of rescue teams and paramedics. Peter Luton spoke about the importance of developing contingency plans in dealing with accidents, including the form of intervention and evacuation, the role of rescue teams and additional emergency services, highlighting the most important points on how to collect information in the event of serious accidents and steps to be followed by regulators, safety officers, firefighters and medical staff. In his lectures, Looten referred to the organizational structure of the rally and to the role of race and safety managers for both contestants and organizers, noting the importance of proper planning of the event by knowing the tasks and responsibilities of all parties involved in organizing it. The course included practical applications and experiences in which the club's staff participated and showed clearly the great capabilities that the club members have gained in dealing with the various situations and possible accidents in the speed circuits. Hani Shaaban, General Sports Supervisor at the Syrian Automobile Club, expressed his happiness for the fruitful cooperation with the FIA ​​in the field of training and qualifying the club members in order to reach the best international standards in organizing the races and ensuring safety factors and conditions. Shaaban stressed that the Syrian Automobile Club continues its sports, social and tourism activities, noting that the coming period will see the restructuring of motor sport in Syria at the highest international standards and will include the rehabilitation of the Syrian organizers and competitors alike, in cooperation with the International Federation of Motors and with international clubs that have experience and experience in the world of sport the cars . Khalid Atassi, Director of the Sports Sports Bureau, explained that the Car Club is currently focusing on training and training the organizers and informing them about everything related to motor sports. The current session is the culmination of the previous courses held by the club during the current year to reach an advanced stage where trainees can supervise The training process and the role of trainers to enable them to benefit from these experiences locally and regionally by organizing training courses for car clubs in the Middle East.