The Syrian Automobile Club highlights the spirit of the team And team performance in a training course

The Syrian Automobile Club continued its sports activities through establishing a series of specialized training courses for qualifying national cadres within a well thought out plan developed by the club management to reach the highest qualification and training in all fields related to sports. As part of its plan for the current year, the Syrian Automobile Club organized a training course which dealt with the role of organized mass performance in the rescue and ambulance operations with the broad participation of the trainees and under the supervision of specialists in the fields of communication science and organization. Hani Shaaban, General Sports Supervisor at the Syrian Automobile Club, presented a working paper on the value of the training courses that the club organizes to qualify its national cadres in all respects, especially that these courses are held under the supervision of the International Federation of Motor Vehicles. The club will give a privileged position on the map of the Arab and international clubs. Shaaban pointed out that the car club is focusing on training and training the organizers in order to reach an advanced stage in which the trainees will be able to supervise the training process and take the role of the trainers to enable them to benefit locally. And regionally by organizing training courses for car clubs in the Middle East. The course included theoretical lectures by Dr. Hazem Al-Kurdi, a specialist in the field of communication skills, in which he addressed the importance of organized teamwork and his role in the success of various activities and tournaments. He pointed out the importance of enabling participants to build effective work teams and provide them with the necessary skills to continue them. Dr. Al-Kurdi explained the different teams, the different roles and responsibilities of each of its members and the decision-making mechanism, highlighting the most important keys to success in the teams and the behavioral skills required for the members of the team and methods of performance evaluation. Ms. Suzanne Khadra, the lecturer, explained the characteristics of the distinguished team with personal goals of the same importance with the team's goals, in addition to the unity and cohesion among the members, where the strong relationship between the members should prevail, facilitate official and informal contacts between them and respect the differing viewpoints between Team members, consider the difference of opinion of healthy signs in order to access new ideas, and search for a common ground. During her lecture, Khadra said that collective work is very important in all activities, especially in the car club, which is characterized by the implementation of tasks depends on the success of the joint cooperation between elements. Khalid Attassi, Director of the Sports Office at the club, said that the establishment of a series of specialized training courses reflects the interest of the club management in developing the sport of cars in Syria from various aspects so that it is not limited to the sports aspect, but extends to the organizational and administrative aspects and the most important element which is based on the rescue operations and safety of sport The cars are of sudden danger, which requires the operators to take all precautions to avoid their negative effects